Another Place

Crosby Beach: Sept 4th, 2019


I’d long wanted to visit Crosby beach and experience this array of lonely statues, one hundred of them, by Antony Gormley, looking out to sea on this two-mile stretch of coastline. It’s called “Another Place” and it is another kind of place, an almost other-worldly kind of place, especially with the sandblasting effect of the strong winds that were whipping across the beach today. It was impossible to avoid getting sand in the eyes and mouth. The way it scoured the face, I wasn’t too keen to expose my camera lens to the same. It was a case of putting my back to the wind and being as quick as possible.

Despite the dramatic skies, I decided to go high key with the processing. I look forward to returning one day and having more time, although the one advantage of the hostile weather was that there was no one else about.




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